About Cobra Brushless Motors

Cobra Motors and Speed Controllers were designed in 2010 based on input and feedback from Innov8tive Designs CEO, Lucien Miller. There was a need in the market for a high-quality, well built, robust motor that could withstand the rigors of everyday use by Sport Flyers and FPV Racers. These pilots want a power system that is rugged, reliable and smooth operating for casual flying or competition racing.

Cobra Power Systems - Built For Performance!

Inside Cobra Motors you will find many features that can only be seen in more expensive premium grade products. The stators are made with laminations that are only 0.2mm thick for maximum efficiency and minimum Eddy Current loses. The motor front housings feature built-in magnet spacers that lock the magnets in place, in perfect alignment with one another, and reinforce the glue joints for maximum bonding strength. On the larger size motors, there is also a lip on the back edge of the rotor can that captures the magnets and prevents them from shifting under the highest power loads. The bearings used in Cobra motors are much larger than most other brands of motors for increased life and durability, and resistance to damage from the occasional 'Rough Landing'.

Most other motor manufacturers only offer 1 or 2 different Kv values in each motor size. This makes getting the right motor for your model difficult in many cases. Cobra motors offer 3 or 4 different Kv values, and in some cases, 5 different models to allow the user to get the exact motor needed to match the battery size and propeller restrictions of their particular model. Cobra currently offers a wide range of aircraft motors including, 23 different 22mm motors, 18 different 28mm motors, 14 different 35mm motors, 9 different 41mm motors and two new EF1 motors developed for electric pylon racing for a total of 64 airplane models. With that much selection, you can get a motor that is a perfect fit for virtually any model.

Innov8tive Designs has taken the time to painstakingly test every Cobra motor on dozens of different propellers, and then put that information together in concise, easy to use propeller data charts. With the data available on these charts, you can see exactly what performance you will get from the motor on each prop tested. No more guessing and going through 5-6 props to find the 'Right One' for your motor. You can put the motor in your aircraft and know exactly how much thrust you will get, how fast the model will fly, how much current the motor will draw and how many watts of power it will produce!

Cobra also produces a full line of eight different airplane speed controllers, from 11 amps up to 150 amps, to compliment the full range of motors that are available. All of the larger speed controllers from 33 amps and up feature switching type BEC circuits to meet the demands of the higher power digital servos that are so popular today. All of the available parameters of the Cobra speed controllers can be easily set with the Cobra ESC programming card.

In 2014, to meet the growing demand for reliable power systems for multirotor aircraft, Cobra released a new CM series of motors. These motors were specifically designed to meet the special requirements of multirotor models, and have set new standards for performance and reliability. There are currently 48 different models available in a wide range of sizes including 18mm, 22mm, 28mm, 35mm, 40mm and 45mm. In 2016 Cobra launched a redesigned multirotor motor line called the Champion Series, which are the most powerful versions ever made specifically for FPV racing! A completely new design that increases cooling and efficiency, these motors provide the ultimate power for your those racers who belong in the winner's circle. In early 2017, Cobra launched the hugely popular Gold Champion Series Multirotor Motors. for hobbyists who want to make their quad stand out on the flight line.

To compliment the Champion Series racing motors, Cobra now offers matching speed controllers in a variety of sizes from 6 to 100 amps, with firmware specifically tailored for the special demands of multirotor aircraft. In 2016 Cobra was proud to announce the launch of our FPV ESC's geared to the fast accelerating FPV racing market. In 2017 Cobra released a series of FPV Racing Wing ESC's specifically for the growing segment of FPV wing pilots in the hobby.

If all that was not already enough, all Cobra motors are backed with a 2-year warranty against manufacturing defects, and the Cobra Speed controllers carry a 6-month warranty. If you are in the market for a well built, dependable power system for your next sport model or multirotor, you owe it to yourself to use Cobra Motors and Speed Controllers. Cobra Power Systems, Built for Performance!  Distributed by Innov8tive Designs in North America.